Down But Not Out

For the past four months, I have faithfully followed a half-marathon training program in prepration for the Broad Street Run in Philly this coming Sunday. I didn't allow my crazy schedule to interfere with setting aside time each day to complete my running workout as well as a PIYO workout. Despite some late nights spent in the basement on the treadmill or with Chalane encouraging me to get lower, I followed my training programs without fail.

This past Saturday was my final long run before tappering to lesser miles prior to race day. I went out at 7:00am on a beautiful but cold (33 degrees) morning. I felt great as I ran my 7 miles, keeping my target pace, and not feeling as though I couldn't make it through mile 7. Upon finishing my run, I had a busy day of watching my kids play in baseball, softball, and lacrosse game. But since I had already completed my workout for the day, I was invigorated and feeling great. Then Sunday happened...

Sunday was a planned rest day. Good thing! My right hamstring just didn't feel right. More than simple tightness plagued me throughout the day. That night, sleep eluded me as the pain in my hamstring wouldn't quit. The next day, I hobbled around work, frustrated and very concerned. I had just spent the last 4 months training for the longest race I have ever set out to conquer. Here I was 6 days until the starting line and I could barely walk. Needless to say, I did a lot of searching online for quick fixes knowing full well from my days as a 3 sport athlete that there are no quick fixes for hamstring injuries.

It is now 3 days before race day. I have spent the week resting, (as much as a working mom of two very busy kids can rest) icing,

and eating a lot of pineapple and banana. My hamstring is still tender but at least I'm not as gimpy as I was earlier in the week. In my mind, resting before the big race is counterintuitive to all of the training I've done to this point. However, all my research assures me that I won't lose my level of conditioning over the course of a few days.

Not running the Broad Street is NOT an option. This is the goal I set to help me overcome the grief I felt at losing my mom to cancer. The finish line is what has motivated me to push myself even on days when there didn't seem to be enough of me to go around to everyone. I will run the Broad Street on Sunday. I might not run it at the pace I have trained for, but I will run. I might not feel like it's my best run, but I will run. I will run for my mom. No matter how great the obstacle, I will run.

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