Beachbody: Committing to Me

Now that it's Facebook official... HA! Yes, I decided to join Team Beachbody as a coach. I have contemplated this opportunity often, but not until recently did I decide that the time was right for me to make the commitment. There were several factors that led me to choose this new journey. However, there is one factor that I believe is what is driving me to move forward as a Beachbody coach. I needed to commit to my own personal health and well-being.

Despite being an active individual for most of my life, I found that after having my kids, I wasn't as active as I wanted to be. There were reasons, of course... crazy kids' schedules, a dirty house, wash piling up, a full time job. In hindsight, these reasons were only excuses. How do I know? Because I finally made the decision, at the start of 2015, that I was going to commit to me regardless of the chaos of everyday life. And guess what. I have the time because I make the time. It really is about making a choice to commit.

For the past 4 months, I have committed some portion of my day to my personal fitness. I'm not going to lie and say everyday is easy. There are nights when I am still on the treadmill at 10:00. There are other nights when I only am pushing play for my Beachbody workout at 9:00. Working out in the morning doesn't happen for me. I'm not a naturally early riser and often find myself jumping to the sound of the 5:15 alarm. Getting up even earlier just isn't happening. Late night workouts it is. This is what works for me.

Are you ready to commit to yourself? Want to know how? I can help! Visit my Beachbody page for a link to my Beachbody website. There you can window shop, generate questions for me, or be inspired! Don't allow the craziness of life to stop you from living your story and committing to YOU!

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