Meaningful Miles

Tomorrow is the big day! The Broad Street Run. The biggest 10 mile race in the country. 40,000 runners and I'm one of them!

You might be one of those people questioning why anyone would actually want to run 10 miles. I used to be one of those people. Seriously... what is fun about getting blisters, worrying about getting those training miles done, tracking elevation levels in order to avoid even the slightest hill, watching wind speeds, getting passed by people twice my age? After spendingthe last 4 months training like nobody's business, I can honestly say none of that is fun. What is fun is the competition I have with myself everytime I hit the pavement. What is fun is watching the minutes and seconds drop off my times as I improve. What is fun is finishing a race that only a few short months ago I didn't know I was capable of even starting.

And yet... this is not why I run. I run for my mom. Cancer stole her away from me much too soon. Cancer stole my mom's mobility. Cancer stole my mom's independence. I run to show Cancer that despite all of this, it did not win. My mom fought until the end, never allowing her circumstances to stop her from trying to regain her mobility and independence. Rehabbing even when the excersizes seemed too hard or impossible. It's my mom's fighting spirit that motivates me to get moving. To conquer a fear of long distance running. To achieve a goal I've set for myself. She didn't teach me to just sit down and let life pass by me. She taught me to go after life full speed. She taught me to appreciate and embrace hard work. She taught me to relish in the victories and learn from the defeats.

Every mile I run has meaning. I am part of The American Cancer Society's

DetermiNation. With the help of friends and family, I've raised my $500.00 fundraising minimum. I've committed to running for DetermiNation this November in the Philly Half-Marathon. My fundraising for cancer patients, survivors, families, and research continues. My running continues. If you would like to make a donation, please visit my DetermiNation website where you can join in the fight. Amanda's DetermiNation Website.

Tomorrow, my 10 miles, shared with 40,000 others, are really only for one person. My mom.

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