Make the Time

For a long time, I made the excuse that I was too busy to dedicate time to working out. This isn't to say that my life isn't hectic and crazy. It is. But in the past few months, I realized that if something is important enough, we need to make the time we thought we didn't have.

My health is extremely important to me. Not just for my own sake, but for my family as well. I want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to be here for my family as long as possible. I want to set a positive example for Chase and Sidni. So how exactly did I make the time to workout when my schedule is becoming increasingly packed with the kids' activities? I deliberately scheduled my workouts!

I realize that sounds a bit crazy. But think about it. If you have an appointment to be somewhere or meet someone, you do it. The same goes for working out. My phone is a great resource for me. At the start of a training program or Beachbody program, I enter every workout into my phone as a reminder. During the week, my reminders ring and vibrate at 12:00 - smack dab in the middle of the day. On the weekends, my reminders are set to early morning so that I get out of bed and complete my workouts to start the day. It's not a complicated concept, but it works. If, for some reason, I miss a workout, the reminder doesn't just disappear. It stays visible until I mark it as complete.

If your struggling to find the time to complete a workout, try making an appointment with yourself and keep it!

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