Shake it up with Shakeology

TRUTH #1 I wanted no parts of Shakeology when I first started seeing other Beachbody coaches using it. I came up with every excuse as to why Shakeology wasn't for me.

  1. I don't have time to make a shake in the morning! I barely get myself out of the house in time for work as it is.

  2. I already eat healthy. I don't need Shakeology!

  3. It will just make me fat. I don't eat breakfast so I'll only be adding calories to my diet.

  4. The idea of it just sounds gross. A shake made from powder... ugh!

  5. All those Beachbody coaches don't REALLY like Shakeology. They just want me to buy it so they can make money!

TRUTH #2 I WAS WRONG ABOUT IT ALL! I admit it. I WAS WRONG! Since starting the 21 Day Fix, I have faithfully made Shakeology every morning before leaving the house to head off to work. While making my kids' lunches, I throw my shake together, hit blend, and voila! Instant breakfast packed with nutrients that energizes me throughout my day.

  1. I kid you not, it literally takes 2 minutes to make my shakes. And I know, because I have my morning routine down to a science. I can't spare an extra second if I want hit snooze 3 times before hauling myself out of bed! Not to mention the fact that my kids TAKE PACKED LUNCH TO SCHOOL 180/180 DAYS OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! That's 360 lunchs I have to pack, in addition to whatever I throw together to take for my own lunch. Not ONE second to spare!

  2. Yes, I do eat fairly healthy. I eat clean as much as possible. I vary my diet to include as much nutrients as I can. Here's the catch. I am not a breakfast eater. I skip breakfast 99% of the time, or grab a completely unhealthy choice, like a cookie, and race out the door. Now, due to Shakeology, I'm eating breakfast everyday, and it's healthy. I add fruit, ice, and Shakeology, and I start my day with a healthy meal!

  3. I realized that even though I didn't typcially eat an official breakfast, I was grabbing non-healthy choices to curb my hunger on my ride to work. These choices were loaded with calories, sugar, and preservatives that my body just doesn't need. Drinking Shakeology doesn't add more calories to my diet, it adds more nutrients.

  4. Shakeology is a powder. There is no doubt about it. And I'll admit the first one I made wasn't that great. But I've learned very quickly that by adding natural ingredients, my shakes taste great. I like a frothy shake. This requires ice. But what I've found to make my shakes even better is adding FROZEN fruit. My favorites are frozen strawberries and blueberries, but I'll continue to experiment! I've also found a way to use up old bananas! I used to make banana bread or muffins when I couldn't eat my bananas fast enough. Now, I just toss the banana in the blender. Easy!

  5. Beachbody coaches really DO like Shakeology. There are so many great recipes for different types of shakes. Use the Beachbody website to find great tasting recipes. Pinterest

FINAL THOUGHT: Invest in a good blender. Chopping ice requires power. My wedding gift blender just didn't cut it. My husband bought me the Ninja and I love it. It turns my ingredients into a frothy shake that tricks me into thinking I'm enjoying a fattening ice cream treat!

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