Opposites Attract

My husband and I are opposites in many ways. He's tall, I'm short. He's laid back, I'm intense. He likes the movie, I like the book. These opposites are what make us "work" as a couple. But there's one opposite that is difficult to make work... we have completely different fitness goals. Jeff is tall, thin, and can basically eat anything he wants without packing on an ounce. I am short and feel like I can just look at food and inches appear on my body. Jeff wants to ADD 30 pounds and I want to maintain or lose some pounds. This makes cooking and grocery shopping difficult.

The secret, if you can really call it that, is portion control, particularly of certain food types. I don't believe in food deprivation. I feel that if I completely deprive myself of food that I really enjoy, my craving for that food increases and drives me crazy. Why make myself crazy? I allow myself to enjoy what I enjoy, within reason. While I certainly could eat an entire cake or pizza, portion control is what allows me to enjoy these foods without feeling guilt. If my kids ask to stop for ice cream after a game, we stop and I enjoy ice cream. I just don't do this every night or after every game. I also think about my food consumption throughout the day. If I know we are going out to eat or I'm cooking a meal that isn't the most diet conscious recipe, my food intake throughout the day reflects these choices. I'm all about finding balance. This balance is what allows me to reach my fitness goals while Jeff works to reach his.

Are there days when I "fall off the wagon" and overindulge? Absolutely! However, being regularly consciencious with my food consumption makes the days when my will power is non existent less impactful on my overall fitness. I've seen all kinds of programs and cleanses that promise to kickstart your fitness journey. I don't believe there is a magic program that can uphold this promise. For me it has been making a committment to a change in lifestyle. It's no longer a matter of eating everything in front of me, but making deliberate choices about what I put into my body and thinking about the impact of these choices. So even when my husband wants to ADD weight, I don't have to worry about how his fitness choices could potentially derail mine!

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