A Game Changer

I've had many people inquire about Shakeology over the past few weeks. I've posted pictures to social media about starting my day with Shakeology, but I haven't really detailed how it is changing my life. Here goes.

I'm not a morning person. I have trouble waking up when the alarm starts blaring the latest pop hits or when I hear my bedroom door crack open with a little one wide awake and wanting mom's attention. My morning routine is planned down to the second. I know how many times I can reasonably hit snooze and still have enough time to make myself presentable for work. I prepackage lunch items for my kids so that packing 2 lunches a day for 180 days doesn't slow me down as I try to race out the door.

Perhaps I should have written that last paragraph in past tense. Shakeology has helped me change my mornings. I still don't consider myself a morning person. That would take an act of God! But I don't hit snooze anymore. When I wake up, I feel refreshed and energized. Typically, at the end of the school year, I would struggle more than ever to wake up and motivate myself to start the day. Since beginning a daily regiman of drinking Shakeology for breakfast, I actually arrive at work earlier than in the past. And it gets better.

My energy level is significantly improved throughout the day. My Shakeology for breakfast carries me through busy work days and an even busier schedule at home. But these changes didn't come overnight. I have to really commit to making a shake a day. I wasn't sure I could make this commitment, but when I experienced how easy it is to blend my shake and still get out the door on time, it became a no-brainer. Not only am I feeling positive results from this choice, but also now I start my day with a breakfast that seems more like a treat rather than the most nutritious meal of the day!

Don't believe me? Watch this video to learn more about Shakeology... what it is and why other shakes just can't match up!

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