It's been a few weeks since my last post. I suppose I didn't have much to say. Or... I didn't have anything to say that I felt anyone would find helpful. I've been enjoying summer break but have found that the past few weeks have been filled with more than trips to new places and old favorite spots. These weeks also have been filled with healing.

Before my mom passed away, the thought of losing her was enough to break me. I didn't know how I would move through this life without her.

Just like that... she was gone. And I was broken.

But then something happened that has been pushing me to move forward each day. I realized that my mom's strength is also my own. The courage that carried her through her life, also carries me.

I believe we have a choice as to how we live. I could choose to remain broken but what good would come from it? What lesson would my children learn?

The past few months haven't been easy. Tears come easier and the longing to talk to my mom is greater. But I'm living! I'm focusing on my overall wellness so that I can be here and present for my kids.

I'm making the choice to heal the brokeness.

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