Oh my PiYo!

Call it strange, but I seriously grew giddy when I saw that PiYo is ON SALE in September as a BeachBody challenge pack! This might not mean much to someone who has never experienced a BeachBody program, but let me just say... PiYo is MY FAVORITE workout!

Let's start with the hardcore truth... Up until trying PiYo, I firmly believed I hated Pilates and Yoga. I tried several On Demand workouts and never finished any of them because I either I didn't feel like I was getting a good enough workout, or I wasn't flexible enough to actually do the moves. I was wrong on both counts.

PiYo combines the strength of Pilates with the flexibility of Yoga for a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and covered in sweat. This program is wonderful for so many reasons, but to me, one of the top reasons is that no equipment is needed and there isn't a single jump... ever! You use your own body weight to help build lean muscle, tone, and strength. What's even better? Chalene Johnson is a down-to-earth (albeit ripped) instructor who makes you feel like no matter what fitness level you are at, PiYo will get you results! She's right!

I faithfully followed the entire PiYo program and noticed a dramatic increase in my strength and flexibility. I looked forward to each workout because Chalene really emphasizes proper form and explains each move in great detail. Not only did I find myself getting stronger, but also I found myself growing more relaxed. The yoga moves alleviated the tension my stress causes in my neck and shoulders. My back, which is definitely feeling the impact of years of hardcore field hockey, didn't hurt anymore. My core strength improved dramatically which complimented the demanding cardio training I was doing for my 10 miler.

I can't wait to start the program again. I've taken a break from it to try other BeachBody programs but often think about popping in a PiYo DVD instead! It's not that I don't like my other Beachbody programs. Quite the contrary. I just love PiYo THAT MUCH!

September is your month to get in on the action and save some money. The PiYo challenge pack is on sale right now! In addition to the PiYo program, you also receive a 30 day supply of Shakeology. Whether you've tried Shakeology in the past or are wondering if it's right for you, this is a great way to find out!

Hit me up for details and together we can go on the PiYo journey together!

It's a low impact workout that leads to high impact results!

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