Attitude Toward Adversity

I've been talking to a lot of friends who made a fitness goal for the new year. Now that we are mid January and almost 1 month into 2016, several people have indicated struggling to maintain their commitment to their goal. Maybe life is hectic and it's difficult to carve time out of the day to workout. Maybe the effort is there but th

It's so easy to become discouraged or get off track. One missed workout leads to another and before we know it, weeks have passed without even thinking about our fitness. One day of overindulgence and we think we've ruined everything.

For me, fitness and nutrition aren't just means to an end. It's about changing my habits. It's about making time for me, even when it seems there is not time. It's about knowing that I'm human and will make mistakes. It's about my attitude toward adversity. How do I react when something doesn't go as planned? How do I react when I don't see my expected results.

Don't quit, RECOMMIT!

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