One thing...

Have you ever sat and thought, "If I could do just one thing...?" I'm not talking about giving up everything else. More like, "here's what I would like to do if I had endless amounts of time and could address all other responsibilities."

I like to craft. I like to make things. I can't draw or paint, so my artistic side manifests itself in a variety of crafty projects. I attribute this to my mom, who was also a crafter. We would often visit the local craft shops and shows and privately assess how much was being charged for something and then claim to be able to make it ourselves. Sometimes we would follow through and replicate what we had seen. More often than not, however, we didn't have the time and so the ideas in our heads stayed just that... ideas.

I've had this project in mid-production for about two years. It's a simple project that I saw and knew I could make. I have all the resources to make it, just not the time. Today, I broke out my little project and worked on it a bit more. It was good for my soul!

This project reminds me that making time to do what we love is so important. Even if it means adding just one more thing.

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