Cup of Love

I almost ran over my pastor this morning. Yep. Pretty sure there is a special place for me had I actually made contact! All for a cup of coffee.

When your daily commute takes you through small town America and a Dunkin' Donuts opens up along your route, there seems to be a bit of Divine Providence involved. For the past 16 years, I've driven to work without a single option to stop and pick up a steaming cup of deliciousness. Sure, I can make my own coffee. But being the only decaf drinker in a world of caffinated coworkers isn't always convenient! I don't stop for a donut or a fancy schmancy cafe frappe latte concoction. Nope, a simple cup of black decaf coffee. When I pull up to the drive thru, the nice voice on the other side of the screen seems a bit taken aback that my order is so simple. Sorry to disappoint!

So this morning, my one day I allow myself to stop for my little treat, I almost take out one of my pastors as she braved the 22 degree temps to get her run in for the day. What an inspiration! Fortunately, I've grown more vigilent about pulling into driveways and parking lots since I've taken up running. Yep, I've almost been hit while running across the entrance to a Duncan' Donuts as well! The irony...

As I sit here and enjoy my black decaf, I think about small treats and how important they are to happy living. I don't stop for my decaf everyday. I reward myself once a week. It barely costs me anything to start my day with a cup of love that someone else has prepared for me. It really is a little thing! And a bit of the Divine to make sure my pastor gets her run in without me plowing her over to get to that piping hot cup of Joe!

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