Unless you live in a cave, you've probably heard Oprah's declaration that she eats bread everyday and has lost 26 pounds using WW. I'm not going to give this company more advertising than they already have. They certainly aren't going to pay me 20 million bucks to promote their program. And I'm certainly not going to pull in 12.5 million for this single blog post!

Let me preface my opinion by saying I'm not a nutrionist. I don't have a degree in nutrition or physiology or any other study of human bodily functions! I do, however, feel I have a pretty good understanding of logic, in which my opinions are grounded. Let me also say, I'm an Oprah fan. She was a staple in my daily life. Rarely did I miss a show. And when it ended, 4:00-5:00 everyday became the loneliest hour!

But here's a fact. Over the course of the 25 seasons of her show, Oprah battled, very publically, with her weight. She tried every diet, trend, or trick, and every single time... the weight came back. We're talking about a woman who has personal chefs, nutritionists, and psychologists to help her. And she still struggles!

Now for my opinion... Oprah lost weight because she's making a lot of money from and FOR WW. Of course she's going to lose weight! As for the bread issue... sure, eating something in moderation instead of at every meal or in bulk amounts certainly is going to move the scale in the right direction. But here's the thing. Doing so means making a lifestyle change. NOT DIETING. If counting points helps someone change his/her lifestyle - wonderful. But I don't know one person who has tried to lose weight with a diet program who hasn't seen the weight come right back because his/her lifestyle didn't change.

I hope Oprah can finally find the success she desires. But I also hope all the women impacted by the Oprah effect, who rush to join WW, realize that unless they are ready to make lasting changes to their lives, the pounds might come off, but they'll come right back once they no longer can afford WW or get tired of counting points.

And just throwing this out there... I LOVE BREAD! I don't deprive myself of bread. I just enjoy it in moderation. Seems pretty logical.

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