Bucket List

I hear so many people refer to their bucket list. I never really gave it much thought, but after checking off one of my husband's bucket list items last weekend, I've started to wonder how many people ever really experience or accomplish the myriad of items they add to their list.

Reflecting back on our time at the Kentucky Derby, I've come to realize how important it is to turn those pie-in-the-sky dreams into reality. I realize this isn't always feasible as many of our lifelong wishes tend to be cost prohibitive or logistically difficult to manage. However, when possible, we really should review those dreams and wishes and make every effort to accomplish them. The Kentucky Derby is a great example.

Going to the derby was a someday wish of my husband's. "Someday, I want to go to the derby." If we had waited for someday to arrive, we might never have gone. Or... we wouldn't have enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. I truly think this was the ideal 40th birthday gift. My husband and I were able to enjoy all Louisville had to offer. We immersed ourselves in the history and culture of the Derby and had the best experience. As I looked at the young college kids stumbling around in the infield or trying to make their way back to their tailgate in the parking lot, I couldn't help but be grateful that we hadn't attended the derby at that age. What was just another excuse to party for those kids, was an experience of a lifetime for us. I also thought about what our experience would have been like had we waited until our kids are older or this or that... Once again, I come to the conclusion that this bucket list item would have been much different.

Giving my husband this gift ended up being a gift for me as well. Not only did I absolutely LOVE everything about our time in Louisville, but also I've come to consider my own bucket list. I never really thought about what items I see on this mental checklist. Perhaps even more important is the realization that having a bucket list is one thing. Accomplishing the items on that list is something quite different. Don't wait for the perceived perfect time because you just might miss it!

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