Today, I turn 39. The final year of my 3rd decade of existence. I'm not really sure what 39 looks like or is supposed to feel like. I do know that I woke up with a cold, left my house without my wallet or work keys, have a 3-day old piece of quiche for lunch, and the sun decided to take another hiatus. I'd say that if today is any indication of this 39th year, I'm in trouble.

However, I turned the page on my desk calendar and was reminded that it's up to me!

I reflected back on what I wrote last year on my birthday, and I noticed not much has changed in a year. I miss my mom no less and need her wisdom just as much. I had some lows (like this dumb boot I'm currently sporting on my foot) but for the most part, year 38 was a terrific one. We traveled, as a family, A LOT! Philadelphia, Louisville, Delaware, Punta Cana, Denver, Washington D.C. All great trips with equally great memories. I ran in several races, doing well each time. I trained like crazy and ran my first marathon. That, in and of itself, is a milestone moment. I beamed with pride as my kids tried out for and made travel teams in their favorite sports. I quietly observed my husband starting his own business from the ground up and making a lot of people's dreams come true through travel. I witnessed friends experience hardship and challenges and overcome them only to grow stronger. I reconnected with dear friends as though no time had passed at all. Looking at this past year... it is one to be remembered.

Year 39 is going to have a hard time living up to 38. But big happenings are coming as well! Chase is going to finish his elementary school career and become a big middle schooler (eeek!). Sidni is going to choose an instrument to learn to play. Jeff is going to continue to build his business. I'm going to run marathon #2 in Chicago. Who knows what else the year ahead holds for me, my family, my friends. What I do know is that I'm going to pour myself into being a stronger, more confident, more loving version of myself because this is what I can control. And maybe I'll pack better lunches as well... although my 3-day old quiche was still quite tasty!

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