Semi-Serious Runner

When I started running 2 years ago, I did so to honor my mom and cope with her loss. I planned to run one race to prove that despite feeling so broken, I could still be strong. That one race led to another and still another until I completed my first marathon this past October, and signed up to run my second marathon in Chicago later this year! And to think, this all started on a treadmill in my basement with a couch to 5k app.

So where do I go from here? I follow many runners on IG, read article after article about running, and journal about my own training. I suppose this makes me a semi-serious runner. I mean, the irritation I feel when I miss a workout or have to deviate from the plan is R.E.A.L! On top of that, I really want to grow as a runner. I want to get faster and stronger. I want to enter new races. I want to inspire others. That's why I write this blog. I don't get paid to write blog posts. I don't make a profit from sharing my story. I don't have any corporate connections asking me to guest post or take over their Instagram feeds (but if anyone is reading, I'm all for it!). I don't even have that many followers! But what I do have is a desire to improve. I want to be better than I was the day before and to share the ups and downs of being a wife, mom, educator, and runner all at the same time.

If you share a desire for self-improvement, let's connect! I would love to hear from you and be inspired by you!

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