Greener Grass?

I was sitting at my daughter's LAX practice the other afternoon in close enough proximity to hear two moms having a conversation. Let me point out, I didn't have to eavesdrop because they were speaking loudly enough for all to hear, whether we cared to or not. Mind you, I was attempting to watch Sidni do her thing out on the field, grade my students' research papers, and receive updates about Chase's LAX game, which I was missing to make sure Sid didn't miss out on her practice. All on a Sunday afternoon.

What struck me about the conversation happening in front of me... how shamelessly the two moms talked about the amount of stress they feel from volunteering in their children's school 4 hours a week, and how doing so is such a hinderance on their time. W.H.A.T? I should have just tuned them out at that point, or moved across the bleachers. But of course, I was all in. Because I don't get to volunteer in my kids' school. I have to manage personal days just to be able to attend school events. My kids beg me to chaperone trips and help out with class parties, and the answer, more often than not, has to be no. To devalue time that is so precious to others...

Strangely enough though, the more I heard of the conversation, the more I realized that I have it pretty good. Seriously... I don't have the cleanest house in the neighborhood, the mountainous piles of wash never disappear, my kids might drink the occasional soda and enjoy one too many treats, the calendar is always full of picking up, dropping off, and hurrying up to wait, and I can't always be present for classroom celebrations or field trips. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

So as the two women in front of me discussed having their cleaning ladies come to their houses on a more frequent basis, and decided to discontinue volunteering in the school next year, I gave a bit of a sigh and went about my busyness. Yep busyness - not business. Because the reality is, I choose this life of crazy. It's not a job to me. Sure, I have a full-time career in education. But it's what I've always wanted to do and why I earned 3 degrees. Sure, I'm a full-time mom. But being a mom isn't a job, it's a gift. And while there are days when the crazy takes over and I teeter on the edge of sanity, I'm pretty darn proud of the job I'm doing and the two little humans who watch my every move and follow my lead.

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