More Meaningful Miles

I just learned that one of my former teachers, turned colleague, turned friend, passed away last evening after a 2 1/2 year battle with pancreatic cancer. The feeling I have can only be described as numbness. When will it end? When will this awful disease be stopped?

Joyce was an amazing woman who cared about her colleagues and students as she did for her own family. Her gifts were plenteous. Her heart filled with compassion. She touched the lives of so many, making each person feel important and loved. She will be missed.

Joyce was one of the first people to support my fundraising efforts for The American Cancer Society's DetermiNation. She knew how meaningful each mile is that I run to support cancer patients, their families, and the research that will lead to a cure. Joyce knew how healing running is for me in carrying on after losing my mom.

So, today when I head out in the 90 degree heat to complete a track workout, I'm not going to complain about how tired or hot I am. I'm going to be grateful for every step that I am able to take. Each lap will carry greater meaning as I remember Joyce and her courage to fight.

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