Working Mom Blues

Today is one of those days when being a working mom just sucks. I'm missing out on my kids' fun run at school and being home with them for their early dismissal for Memorial Day weekend.

Being a working mom isn't something I normally complain about. I mean, I chose this life. My career is important to me. I didn't work my butt off earning 3 degrees to stay at home. I think juggling it all is setting a positive example for my kids. They see me doing my best and this is all I can ask of them.

But today, I want to just be mom. I want to be there to cheer them on as they run their laps. I want to take too many pictures of them having fun with their friends and teachers. I want to be the one waiting outside their school to pick them up when they race out the front doors. I want to be the one to take them to lunch because it's Friday, and a long weekend, and because that's what we like to do.

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